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Your Home Improvement Information Source.

HomeImprovementWatch.com is here to provide Do-It-Yourselfer's (DIY) and Home Owners with information and resources for home repair projects. If you would like to submit a Home Improvement related article for review, Submit Article Here.

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Every homeowner needs to be active and aware of their home security concerns.  With home invasions and break-ins on the rise, it is time to take some steps towards protecting your family and your valuable belongings.  It would surprise most people to realize how simple it is for a burglar to break into their home.  By following these simple steps, you can reduce the odds of coming home to discover your home has been broken into and your ch ...
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Spring has finally sprung, and many of us are eager to get our home renovations underway.  With so many project options available to the average homeowner, it is often difficult to determine the most cost effective home improvements.  This is especially difficult for people that are trying to ready their homes for sale.  One of the simplest and most cost-effective home improvement projects is the kitchen ...
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Laminate flooring mimics the look of traditional woods while offering easy installation and lasting durability. At first glance, it can be difficult to spot the difference between hardwoods and laminate flooring. What appears to be a natural wood grain pattern is really a thin layer of decor paper (a photographic image) under a tough-as-nails protective film that is glued and pressed to a high-density backing board. Laminate Flooring comes in an array of wood eff ...
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Spring has sprung, my friends! Let the home improvement season begin! It's been a long winter, and most of us are eager to get our new projects underway. While many of us will be focused on tidying up our yards and getting our gardens ready, indoor home improvements are on the minds of many others. One of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of your home is to explore your flooring opti ...
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So often people will make the decision to go out to the nearest fitness equipment store or local department store and buy some home exercise equipment. They want to start an exercise program, but don’t want to go to the gym for any number of reasons, making exercising at home the best choice. They will, with the best of intentions, buy a piece or two of equipment based on the recommendation of a friend or family member who swears ...
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Everyone has a home improvement disaster story. Most of them, it seems, come from a lack of the proper equipment, lack of experience, or a miserable combination of the two. Well some of the most miserable home-improvement disasters I can think of involve some kind of “ladder-like” implement. Most of these pitiful excuses-for-ladders are hand-me-down tools with one wooden leg. Some of the most important tools in home improvement are often some ...
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